Terms and Conditions

This is a beta launch, which means the product is still in experimental stage. So there is a chance that the product may be further re-defined, some features are dropped or the service itself is stopped. Though we try to ensure that data is kept safe, there is a chance that your data may be lost during the beta phase. The beta phase is till end of July and may be extended. You can check website for updates

The beta launch is free for upto 10 assets. If you plan to use for more than 10 assets please inform us to avoid any inconvenience. We might change pricing after the beta phase. Price changes would be informed 14 days in advance by email (on your registered email)
We take data privacy seriously. The data you keep in our application would be safe and would not be shared with anyone other than through logged in legitimate user (who signs up) and also agents added by you. However for scenarios where you need to analyze data and build delivery and assignment rules, you can contact us and provide permission to run machine learning algorithms on your data. This would be done with your consent and also is chargeable. When you cancel membership we keep data safe for 14 days, after which we delete the data. You may check with us for download of the data (.xls format or so) within 14 days.
During beta launch we support email based bug resolution. You can write to us at support@pathtracker.io. However after beta phase we would have a 24 hour dedicated support for paid customers. Currently we provide 24 hour telephone support only for a selected pilot customers.
Please write to us at support@pathtracker.io
The software is only for use by legitimate users who would need to track orders and deliveries for their business. Any other use including (but not exclusive) spying, copying, piracy, data theft, bots, etc.. are not permitted. If in doubt (on usage restrictions) please write to us at support@pathtracker.io. Over-use of the software beyond license terms are not allowed. Currently we offer only support upto 10 assets for free
We "Path 7 private limited" owns IP (Intellectual property) and complete rights for the software. You as a user is permitted to use the software fairly upto limit of 10 Assets for legitimate purposes. However the usage terms and price are subject to change and we would inform you 14 days in advance for any change in terms